Friday, September 4, 2015

The Digestive System ~Part One!

 So it's all about poo these days; poo at breakfast, poo on the swing, poo, poo, poo all day long. I can't seem to get away from it! So  that's how we stumbled into our accidental "unit" on The Digestive System.

The first thing we did was to Make Poo: a simulation of food being digested and turning into poo. We found a bunch of instructions on the internet to do this, and it was very gross so I didn't get very many pictures. We just put some cereal, waffle pieces, milk, orange juice and coffee into a bowl with some water, to represent saliva. We used a spoon to mash it all up, representing chewing. We added some lemon juice, which represents stomach acid, then mixed it all up some more. We then funneled it into a sock, to act as the large intestine, and squeezed out the extra moisture. Then we put it in a plastic bag with a hole in it to squeeze it out like poo!

 We also drew and colored a Digestive System poster together...
  ...And put together a Marble Slide Model of the Digestive system by duct taping parts to a piece of cardboard.
The purple tunnel was the esophagus, a honey container was the stomach, pieces of real marble slides were the small and large intestines, and the bucket was the potty.

  Fynn built us a digestive system out of a real marble slide...
First Digestive System Model
Second model with wheel at the top for teeth!

 ...And he also built us a huge Digestive System ride out of the slide and some collapsible tunnels. It was really fun!
Fynn is about to go down the esophagus while Rowan is hung up in the stomach.
Rowan is about to enter the large intestine.

  ...We traced each other's bodies so we could draw our digestive systems inside...

...And we read these really cool books on Digestion and The Body in general:


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