Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mixing Colors ~An Art Experiment

 Usually when Rowan says he wants to "paint", what he really means is he wants to mix paint and water in yogurt cups. So on this particular day we skipped all the fussing and misunderstanding and dedicated the entire morning to "mixing colors". Fynn joined us as well.

We just got out a bunch of yogurt cups, filled them halfway with water, and began mixing together different colors of tempera paint.

 What happens when we mix pink and purple?

 What happens when we mix yellow and orange?

 It's art! It's science! It's both!

 And the possibilities are endless...

 A lot of our school time is spent doing this kind of play. It's so good for the kids, because, not only are they inspired by the vibrant colors, but they are making their own discoveries and soaking them up like a sponge. I'm just there to help them along; to help them accomplish what they want to accomplish.

 It's not like I put on my low teacher voice and say, Okay, kids. Today we are going to learn about The Scientific Method.  Instead, they say, "What happens if I mix this color and that color?"  and I say, "What color do you think it will make?" and they guess what they think it will be. And then we find out what it really is. We have so much fun learning and discovering together!

Happy learning,

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