Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Field Trip to The Zoo!

 We had been talking about taking a trip to the Denver Zoo as soon as school was in.

 "Good," said Fynn. "I'm about ready for a cheetah race."

 "And I'm about ready for a hippo race," said Rowan.

  So we made it a field trip.

 Right away we saw one of Rowan's favorite animals: Bunny. He chased him.

 We also saw Cheetah right away. He didn't want to race, but he was very friendly and paid attention to conversations.

 And we saw our friend Beezus, the gazelle (actually a Gerenuk) with a black crane.

 Fynn spotted a wild red fox who darted under a drain tunnel.
 And we saw Lord Shen, the peacock.
 The zoo had an amazing display of Lego animals and plants while we were there.
Lego lily pads
Acorn sprout
 The zoo also had a beautiful garden trail with these streamers lining it. The kids ran around for a while.
Rowan is "taking a shower like Spiderman".

 Then we found this:
How far can you jump?
 While Fynn rode the train, Rowan made friends with the ride on horsey.
 I wish I would have gotten a picture of the merry-go-round because it was just so beautiful. There were so many exotic animals ~ okapi, black rhino, peacock, dolphin, zebra, elephant, cheetah ~it was a work of art! I didn't want to take pics of other people's kids and my kids didn't ride on it. :(

 We got to see the majestic giraffes close-up...

Komodo Dragon!

Green Anaconda!

 What were our favorite animals? All of them!

Happy learning!

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