Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back To School

 I hope all you homeschool families had a fun "first day" of school!

 Since we mostly do "child led learning" we school all year long (since we never stop learning/ discovering, right?) but it's nice to have a first day like everyone else, to re-charge, and re-motivate. We celebrated by visiting the library & park and making root beer floats. Yay! Other than that, the beginning of the school-year consists of me writing down what we do each day in a new notebook, adding new puzzles & games to our repertoire of activities. Fynn is now in 2nd Grade and Rowan is 2 1/2, so he's not even technically in preschool yet.

 Here's a recap of some of the fun we've been having this summer:

Rowan's Beautiful Planets

Fynn's Homemade Exercise Bike

A picture of Fynn in his Den, where he says we found him.

Watch For Sants Eating Your Pants.

Rowan Being A Whale

Computer drawings of the Earth and Moon, and what their respective skies look like. Fynn made one of these of every major planet.

Rowan's Happy Sun

Painting Planets

Sheriff and Lightning McQueen drinkin' their drinks.

Rowan's Uranus

My Uranus

Two of Many Minions

Speed Limit 20 MPH

 Hope you all had a wonderful summer. Here's to a terrific new school year!

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