Saturday, May 23, 2015

Planet Cookies 2.6

The reason I'm callin' this post "Planet Cookies 2.6" is because, if you recall, I already posted an article back when Fynn was 5 years old about the cookies he and I made together.  Well, now Rowan is 2.6 years old and this is his turn ~the planet cookies he and I made together!

We just used a sugar cookie recipe and cut out 3 different sizes of cookies: large (a glass), medium (a jar), and tiny (a spice jar). Rowan picked out certain planets to add rings to, and a few we even cut into spiral galaxy shapes (Rowan loves "The Galaxy"). Before putting them in the oven, we decorated them with colored sugar.

Before hand we had mixed up 7 different colors of sugar and food coloring in little jars, each with their own spoon for mixing and sprinkling. We made red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black. How did we make black, you ask? If I remember right, it was something like 3 drops red, 2 drops yellow, and 3 drops blue.

Jupiter with Red Spot
Not only were they beautiful and delicious, but they were easy to make ~as long as I remembered to prepare the dough the night before! (A thing you have to do for sugar cookies.) Rowan was a very good helper ~he loves baking~ not just tasting ~ and we both had a lot of fun!

And on the note of planet cookies, I also want to include our Pretend Planet Cookies from Playdough. Rowan and Fynn have both been making these and "baking" them in pretend ovens and feeding them to whales and blow-up planet friends.
The purple one is The Galaxy.
Vanilla and chocolate playdough
Fynn's sun with solar flares
That mouth you see is Dark-Blue Whale's. He's about to eat that Mercury cookie.

Happy learning!

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