Monday, September 21, 2015

Sunflower and Apple Crafts for September!

 Rowan can't wait for pumpkins this fall, so I had to tell him that September is all about sunflowers and apples. After that, October will be all about the pumpkins; and November too, so we're almost there, buddy!
 I made him a September calendar so he can count down the days. He loves it! 
 As you can see, I made a collage at the top of sunflowers, apples, golden wheat, and some other things you might find this late-summer-early-fall season. I used apple cutouts that were leftover from a name game we did last year. Rowan (and sometimes Fynn) gets to put up an apple each day.
 I had Rowan help me make hanging golden sunflowers from cardboard and paper bags. He helped wrap strings around them and painted some of them.
 We cut circles out of cardboard, then glued them to slightly larger paper bag circles. We cut the larger circles into petals. We made little cuts all around the cardboard circles, in between the petals, to wrap the string around. The string gives it a texture that looks like the seeds.We then painted the small circles with brown and gold paint, then the petals with yellow and gold paint. We cut a smaller flower shape out of brown paper and painted it gold/ green, then glued it to the back of the flower with green yarn in between. It was more tedious than I would have liked; next time I think it would be more worth while if they were larger. But they are pretty all the same.
Painted by Rowan

 Rowan and I then made some Sunflower Play-dough.
Rowan's & My Sunflower
Fynn's Cheetah
 ...And also... some Apple Play-dough! Red and green.
Rowan's "Uranus Cookie"

 Oh yeah, one more thing. We've just started Lighthouse Family Schoolin' videos on YouTube! For recipes to our sunflower and apple play-dough, check it out!

Happy learning!

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