Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tae the weavers gin we gang!

This was my attempt at herringbone. As you can see, the chevrons run side to side instead of up and down... I shall keep trying!
Here's a plain weave that I'm working on
Little Eli (with Ari in the background)
Tali did some wonderful weaving!
Neshama working very hard- very lovely!
Kalena and her beautiful weaving
Today, my friend Yuli brought her kids over and we had a grand time weaving and eating snacks together. I had thrown a little loom together a few days ago out of popsickle sticks to make weaving samples, and I thought, "hey, the kids could do this!" so i made a few more and said "hey, let's weave!" and she said "hey, let's do!" (in so many words, of course).  This was great, cause I've been wanting to get Fynn together with other homeschool kids, and I guess Yuli's kids needed something new too.  They all did exceptionally well!

Hopefully I can post some follow- up pics soon of their finished pieces. And most certainly I will write more about my own weaving adventures!
(Excuse these posts if they seem out of order- I can't figure out how to add pics without everything getting all screwed up!)


Here is Fynn's loom all warped and ready to go!

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