Saturday, April 6, 2013

archery adventures

This bow I'm using is the first bow I've ever been able to pull back to full draw! I know you can't really see it in this pic, but it's not much to look at anyway.  We'll have to post more pics on it later. It's so nice to have a bow that's light enough for me!
Here's Dad using the bow Rico made for him!
Mom, Dad, Fynn, and me- Rico and Sketti must be taking pictures
My brother
Here's my mom, see, she's wearing the wrist- warmers I made her! She says they fit perfect & are great for archery!

And here's Rico trying out Dad's bow before Christmas... I guess he was taking all the pictures at the archery range :)
Fynn's little bow is the most beautiful of all. We'll have to post more pics of this one too.   >>>---------------->
These are all pics from when we went to the archery range with my parents & my brother was in town too! This was a few days after Christmas...

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