Saturday, April 6, 2013

Medieval outfit for little baby

I tried my hand at nalbinding a little bit last winter, then got sort of stuck at the "felting strings together" part, so i put it down for a while. But sometime this summer i realized i didn't have a newborn sized hat for L.B. (who should be born sometime around mid October) so i thought i'd give nalbinding a try again. I started with some yellow wool yarn that a friend had given me, which was the perfect thickness for nalbinding, and when i ran out of that, used 2 different greens doubled up together to finish the hat. Instead of trying to felt the string ends together, i just started working a new string where the last string left off. Later i tied together loose ends and cut off the extra strings. That worked pretty good. It's a very stout hat- should keep Little Baby plenty warm enough.

I still had some green yarn left and thought i might be able to figure out some little socks. They actually turned out pretty good! - Except the second heel turned out a little different than the first, but who will ever know? I used the 2 greens doubled up for them too.

Now that i had matching hat and socks, there was some green and yellow fabric in my room that was catching my eye, and i thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out a basic medieval tunic (or dress) pattern. And who better to try it on than a little person who doesn't require a lot of fabric! The fabric is just some cotton gauze- not very authentic, but i wanted to use what i already had. I also found some simple clasps among my sewing things and used those to close up the neck. I stitched the whole thing by hand using golden- yellow thread, and all of the seams are finished on the inside. This was one of those projects that was really fun to work on- i didn't want to put it down! We'll soon see how it fits L.B.... At least someone in the family will have some nice viking clothes!


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