Wednesday, May 15, 2013

some school crafts

here are some school crafts we did a while back...

planet cookies!

we've been making a "coral reef" on top of the piano...

Fynn standing in front of the solar system he made- displayed on the closet door

that's "Earft"

a "real" coral reef from our field trip to the aquarium- see the clownfish in the anemone...

mud-burgers (inspired by Curious George)

"Chef Pisghetti"

and here's a few of the kids just bein' cute

Rowan, Fynn & Rowan and the "WHAAAAAAAALES"

that's a lot of science! for some reason i get the feeling all we ever do is... MATH!


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Heather Gerety said...

Loved those cookies!! :)