Monday, May 20, 2013

Sea Critters, Whale and Potholders for Market

Here's an example of some fun sea critters I made for the farmer's market. (You may purchase some via email as well!) Though they each have their own charm, I will keep making them as long as they keep selling, so they may vary slightly in color, size, etc.

Here we have the nautilus- an amazing animal! Batik (or another pretty fabric) on one side, terry cloth on the other.  Stuffed with cotton batting.  Cotton yarn tentacles.  About 3" across. Machine washable! Makes a great teething toy- One of Rowan's favorite teething toys actually- it can be put in the freezer or whatever... he chews the heck out of it at room temp.  Fynn calls it a jellyfish.  Can also be used as a bath scrubber, or just a good ol' fun toy.  ~$6.00

Choice of rainbow yarn (pictured) or green/tan/white yarn (not pictured, but it's nice)

Rowan's other favorite teething toy is... The Five- Armed Starfish! Batik on one side, terry cloth on the other, stuffed with cotton batting. Like the nautilus, it's machine washable, etc. About 5" across.  ~$5.00

This one is the Sun Star or Six Armed Starfish! Like the Five- Armed but with a patchwork plethora of different "pretty" fabrics on top, terry cloth on the bottom, cotton batting inside, machine washable, etc. etc. About 6 1/2" across. ~$8.00

Next we have... The Anemone and Clown Fish! Unfortunately the anemone is hard to see in this picture, but it's the best pic i have right now. The base is a blue batik on the outside, green terry cloth on the inside. The tentacles are pink and purple cotton knit fabric. The top (which you can't see because of the clown fish) is a circle of a different batik. The anemone can turn inside out just like a real one! (with no unfinished seams!)  The clown fish is made from orange flannel with embroidered eyes and mouth.  Not a good teething toy because the clown fish is small enough to be a choking hazard, but older kids (and adults) love it! About 3"x1 1/2" (clown fish) and 4"x3 1/2" (anemone).  Sold as a set. ~$15.00

closeup of clown fish :)

clown fish and sunstar- not sold together, but they looked like they were really swimming :)

All the sea critters together...

And here's the whale. Grey wool stuffed with cotton.  blue linen stitching, button eyes, and multi-colored wool yarn waterspout!  About 9"x 4 1/2".  This fella found a home already (surprised?) but I can make another to order.  Great for kids & adults of all ages. ~$20.00

And last but not least- the new set of Potholders:

Patches of blue, green, and brown linen, blue batik cotton.  Stuffed with double layered cotton batting.  About 6"x6".  Just grand.  Set of two. ~$25.00



Joel said...

These are lovely Beth. They reminded me of some of the character in the film Captain Nemo (I think) my daughters loved when they were younger. I wondered what they were made of, until I read the text of course! Lovely work.

Survival in the Wasteland said...

Thanks, Joel!