Monday, May 30, 2016

Rowan,The Color-Change Boy

Some of Rowan's favorite toys have been the Cars characters that change colors in hot & cold water. Color-Change Cars. So Rowan earned his nickname, Color-Change Boy because he changes clothes ten times a day.  He just wants to dress up as all his favorite characters! As Fynn says, Rowan is going to be everybody.

"Agent Lucy Wilde" saying, "Lipstick taser!"
Dory, the blue tang fish

"Mr. Ray"
"Olaf" the snowman
"Elsa" singing "Let it go!"
"I am Li Sh'an, and I'm looking for my son."
"Master Tigress"
"Joy" with a bag of core memories

"Bing Bong" the imaginary elephant
The Man In The Yellow Hat


"Dr. Nefario"
The amazing Mr. Magorium with his magic paper airplane
Donkey Kong with Ditty Kong on his back
"Gru" making homemade jelly                    
One day Rowan came out saying, "Guess who I am!" like he does every day. I couldn't figure out who he was, so finally he said, "I'm... Rowan!"

What a surprise!

I just love watching Rowan be all the things he can be.

Happy Learning!

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Grandma said...

I love this. What fun to get to "grow up" again with him!