Monday, February 15, 2016


 I got to have another Mama & Fynn time the other night! It's been a while. I took him to the GLOW Night of Worship at church. That means a lot of black lights & dressing up in florescent & white.  There were plenty of stations for kids to make glow- jewelry- crafts, and Fynn and I used florescent ribbons to decorate Mama Whale.  Then glow sticks were passed out and the lights went down and the fun began...

While other kids danced and sang to the music, Fynn and I sat on the ground while he used his glow-stick to contemplate different angles.

 We had a nice time talking together in the car on the way there & back (A BIG DEAL) and we talked about putting on a "Glow Night" for Rowan, since it had been a few months since we busted out our own black light. So, over the next few days, we made paintings and drawings with florescent paint & markers and put on our own "Glow Night". We had a lot of fun. ~b

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