Friday, May 8, 2015

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo certainly snuck up on us this year, probably because of the never-ending rain we've been having these past few weeks. But I can't miss a chance for these guys to learn a little Social Studies (their weak subject), and luckily I've got a few resources up my sleeve!

Fynn explored Mexico on Google Earth, while we all listened to Mariachi music on YouTube. I put up some orange and blue streamers (the only colors we had!)
to make things festive. Then Rowan and I made some tissue paper flowers!
Fynn saw all that colored paper and he wanted in on the fun too! But he didn't want to make flowers... he wanted to make planets! (Surprise!)
He made Saturn and Earth.

Then Rowan wanted to make tissue planets too, but he likes to make them by getting the paper wet and molding it like clay.
Earth, Purple Venus, Mars, Big Jupiter, and The Galaxy   
We ended up making more planets out of some florescent paper ~ 2 of each planet.

Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Pluto

And what Fiesta would be complete without a pinata? Rowan and I hastily grabbed some leftover Christmas treats, threw them into a grocery bag, stapled it shut and began painting it; transforming it into a Jupiter Pinata!

With home school, everything's always a party!
We hope everyone had a fun Cinco De Mayo!

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