Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rowan's Schoolin'

This post is all about Little Ol' Ro'. At 2 years & some months, he does what he can to keep up with his 7 year old brother and then some.  Here is a solar system Rowan made all on his own from books, a clock, balls, and even a model planet!
Most of what he knows about planets, he learned from Fynn.  Here is one of Fynn's scale models of the solar system:
Here is a painting Rowan made of the planets; this was before he started making me do everything!
Rowan and I had fun painting a lot of different things that day.  His planet painting was inspired by this drawing by Fynn, which is also the reference for most of Rowan's planet projects:
"Everything I need to know about planets I learned from my big brother!"

Another of Rowan's favorite things to do these days is to make planets out of playdough.  They have to "talk" (I help him with smiley faces) and don't forget "The Galaxy"!
For some reason, they can't be balls; they have to be squished flat? :)
The black one is "The Galaxy".

Next we have some house-keeping activities; Rowan is such a domestic little laddie! One day I was ironing, and just as I suspected he asked if he could iron too.  To my surprise he waited patiently for the iron to cool down, then picked out some of his own clothes and brought them to the table to be ironed. When he was finished, he folded them up and took them to his room! So sweet!
One night for dinner we had rice and Rowan looked down at his chair and the floor and said something to the effect of "Oh no, look at all that rice! Don't worry, I'll get it," and then grabbed the broom and started sweeping it up (spreading the rice all around, of course). I get such a big kick out of this, because Fynn HATES to clean. Getting anything cleaned up at all is always a huge fight with him.  But Rowan has been known to push his chair up to the sink, begin washing dishes, and then wash his hands and face in the process. CRAZY!

Lately it's all about Cars (the movie) and those loveable characters have practically become part of our family.
In these pictures, Rowan is building different Cars characters from stacks of Legos.

He's been having me draw these chalk cars for him...
And the alphabet too.

Happy learning!