Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fynn's Photographs

Each person has their own unique outlook on life, which is just as valid as our own.
We can never really know what th' world looks like through someone elses eyes, which is why it is so important to take th' time to listen to and try to understand others. They see things that you may not, or in a way you may not have considered. And when we see things from different points of view we get a more complete understanding of life. 

It has always been difficult for us to get a sense of how th' world looks and feels to Fynn. So we gave him th' camera a few times and let him take photos of what ever he wanted. 

He took some really neat pictures, which have helped us to make a bit of sense of his perspective. 
We found a few themes in his photos- namely, contrast, and close up focus. He's always been fascinated with shadows, and light and dark. And he loves to get right up close to anything he likes, including your face. So, without psychoanalyzing too much, here's some of his photos, as well as a video we put together.

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Joel said...

Fynn's got a good eye for details and colours. I particularly like that snaky hose pipe disappearing into the distance!